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2015 05 04

1. Trippy Love

2. Grįžkit iš Toli

3. Gėlėta Suknia

4. Hound Dog

5. Autumn Leaves

6. Above Us

7. Places, Planes and Trains

8. Pertaining to the Innermost


A summery mix of psychedelia and dreampop, this is a record that sounds like many bands you already know, but is still chock-full of high calibre songs.

Upbeat opener 'Trippy Love' and also 'Hound Dog' come over like a less try-hard Temples and both hit the target on first listen. 'Gėlėta Suknia' does much the same; this isn't a band who struggle to come up with a tune. They'd be all over the likes of 6 Music were they a better known group, but it's not all about potential singles, there's more depth on display over the course of these eight tracks than that. 'Grįžkit iš Toli' is more expansive in both length and sound, offering a spacious, rose-tinted glimpse into a different facet of their world. Singing in their own tongue only adds to the mystery of it all (unless you can speak it, of course). Despite a male vocal, 'Autumn Leaves' isn't a million miles away from Beach House and is just as good. Again they don't let limitations of length or tempo interrupt what they want to achieve, and this slow delight wanders along quite blissfully. 'Places, Planes and Trains' recalls the same band, but catupults them into orbit, just drifting through space. Talking of which, the title-track is an eight-minute slab of cosmic psychedelia that locks into a deep groove and proves to be something of a standout amongst a set of very good tracks. Signing off with the acid-frazzled dreampop of 'Pertaining To The Innermost', Garbanotas Bosistas can be satisfied that this album is a job well done. Many albums could be described as a perfect soundtrack to summer, but this hazy wonderland is a must for any musical cosmonauts out there. 

- SoundsXP


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